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Day 1 Devotion – Trust the Process

Simply put, God says ” Trust the Process “

We program our logical minds to instantaneous answers and into believing that anything that is not clearly visible with our naked eyes is either false or non-existent. So a making in the process is a long lost fairy tale due to the impatience we dearly hold onto

As Christians, time and time again, throughout the Bible God reminds us to trust in the process. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever from Hebrews 13:8. His loving grace and never ending compassion has always held His children’s hands, especially during the difficult and challenging times

In Psalm 56:3, God tells us that when we are afraid to put our trust in Him. It can be quite daunting to go through a process, when we don’t know the whole plan laid out. But God is trustworthy and His process can be trusted. He affirms you from Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

2020 was a year that no one expected. ” This is definitely not how I pictured it ” was a common statement I came across. ‘ Unprecedented times ‘ was another common phrase used which means ‘ never before known or experienced ‘

Looking at our own lives, we all can agree that everyone has experienced things in our lives that we never thought we would go through. Marriage dreams that end up in divorce, baby dreams that become empty cradles, well to do person ending up homeless just to name a few. There is a bigger temptation to believe that our lives are over as our dreams are shattered and that is no hope left for us. We are heartbroken, disappointed, hopeless and disheartened.There is a tendency to get distracted from the bigger picture as we focus too much on the inner circle, much like the frog in the well. We base our faith on our feelings and emotions and things that happen to / with us. When in fact faith should be Christ focused and Christ centered.

Let’s look at David’s life. Pretty sure, he would not have pictured his life as he experienced. After becoming a successful hero defeating Goliath, the giant with a sling shot he would not have thought he will be spending 10 years or so in a cave just because Saul was jealous of him. God’s promise on his life was that he would become the King of Israel. But the circumstances were no where to that promise. The only way David was able to raise above the circumstance was to go through that process, which was his difficult 10 years or so, to become the king God intended for him to be. David had to do his part for the promise of God to be fulfilled in his life. David believed despite the circumstances, his destiny does not change as His future is destined by a God that loves him unconditionally.

But in the day that I’m afraid, I lay all my fears before you and trust in you with all my heart – Psalm 56:3

As Christians, we have a responsibility to be part of the solution than contribute to an existing problem. Our current challenge we all face globally is Covid, it no longer is ‘ my’ problem or ‘their’ problem it is collectively ‘ our’ problem. WHY you may ask ? As one person’s negligence will cost someone else’s life.

So how do we biblically apply trusting the process to the so-relatable current Covid situation ? We all know COVID is an airborne virus, which means it can infect people through air very quickly. As responsible Christians and citizens, one logical way to stop the spread is just wear a mask. God has given humans a sound mind and when clinical experts suggest precautions, as part of the process our job is just to follow the rules. It is easy to rebel, create a controversy or question the authorities with a zillion reasoning, but at the end of the day we can only come of this situation when we realize it is ‘teamwork’ that will get us out of lock downs. Not constant whinging and blame game at each other.

All 4 developmental stages in the life cycle of a butterfly are equally important , for it to become the beautiful creature God intended it to be. So is the circumstance or situation or current stage in your life. They all are beautifully planned by your Heavenly Father and today He is just asking you to trust in His plans for your life. He is asking for your co-operation to go through the uncomfortable process you are experiencing right now, as He knows you are going to be the refined diamond at the end of this process.

Today is your heavenly invite from your loving Father asking you to trust in His process for your life.

You are like the clay in the potter’s hands, and I am the potter – Jeremiah 18:6

He knows you by name, He hears your every cry and He is with you forever

Will you choose to trust Him today ?

Father God, Thank you for speaking to me. As I lay down my desires, my hearts longings and dreams I invite you to come into my heart and life. I ask of your forgiveness for trying to be the boss of my own life. I need you now. Thank you for your love. In Jesus Name Amen


No matter the circumstance, just being strong and courageous doesn’t help the situation, but what makes the difference is WHO you will walk the journey with! THAT person has the ability to make or break your journey!

Joshua is blessed to have a loving heavenly Father who not only looks out for Him, but also continually encourages Him to be bold and courageous!

I just couldn’t grasp the fact THAT the depth of the Fathers love for Joshua in this passage and us is the same, then and NOW! God is good!

Ultimately it’s ones choice of heart to walk the journey with whoever they want, but good choices always lead to good consequences. The same can’t be told of the not so good choices!

Be wise in choosing who you do life with today!

Stay Blessed in Him 💞

Be Strong and Courageous