Christian Posters – Word Come to Life Through Pictures


Hey everyone ,

I found this really cool christian posters website. I read the testimony of the owner David Sorensen on this website and its really an encouragement of how God works in the lives of His people. Click on the link below and have a look for yourself 🙂 

Life Christian Posters

I am a great fan of displaying Bible verses all around my home. It helps me stay rooted in the Word and be reminded of God’s love and grace every day. 

These posters can be a great help while in Sunday school to get the attention span of toddlers during story time.

These christian posters can be ordered at any imaginable size and can be printed on fine art paper, canvas, and many other materials. They can also be framed. I am thinking of ordering some myself, my most favourite so far being The Lord’s Prayer. 

Have a great day !

Stay Blessed 🙂