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When Perception Overrides Perspective

Let your perspective of things not affect the way you perceive things in the present

Let your perspective of things not affect the way you perceive things in the present. Let your perspective be based on what you perceive in the present world. When reality hits hard, one needs to let go of their perspective of things and embrace perceiving things just the way they are to find a way out.

Perspective according to the dictionary can be defined as ‘ a particular attitude towards or a way of regarding something. A point of view 

Perceive could be defined as the ability to recognize, discern or understand. 

Say for example, each of us view life from our own perspective, contributing factors could be our age, culture, family, life circumstances and possibly a lot more. For example from a new mom’s perspective life could be both exciting and exhausting at the same time, a students perspective on life could be both adventurous and sometimes boring, a working mom’s perspective on life could be both rewarding and sacrificial.. the list goes on.. The point here is if you need to understand a new mom’s perspective on life, you need to perceive life through the eyes of a new mom to really understand their view point on why they feel and act a certain way

Looking at things from a new perspective can change your perception of things. And when we do that, we learn to appreciate each other’s differences in the most gracious way.

Now let’s talk about life.

Sadly, most of our perspectives about life is driven by the desire of owning a massive big house, luxury car, having a successful career and expensive holidays. When we have achieved all these things, from our perspective we consider ourselves living a successful life.

Unfortunately what we fail to perceive is that’s not the case at all. We terribly fail at seeing things the way they are in real life. When we tear down the fake perspectives we have in life, we will be able to perceive , recognise and understand the reality we are living in

Today I want you to reconsider your perspective on GIVING. Giving not just money, but giving your time, giving your love, giving your resources to someone who really needs it, it starts with you, your family, your neighbours, your community and the circle spreads far and wide.

Break your traditional GIVING perspectives ‘I  don’t have enough to give’ , ‘I just can’t afford to give right now ‘or ‘ that’s not my job to give ‘

Open your eyes and perceive the REAL NEED in front of you. There are people struggling not for their ‘wants’ but for their basic ‘needs’ , food, clothing and shelter. Even if we can’t feed or clothe a whole nation, I am sure we can do the least of what we can.

I hope this message encourages you one step closer to your giving. All I want to say is the need is real, the struggle is real. Join me to break this traditional perspective of ‘You need to be someone BIG to start a movement to bless others ‘. Let’s join hands together to bless 100 people this Christmas.

If you are ready to partner with me today, please click on the below and donate today. No amount is too big or small but all that I ask is $1 from each person reading this post ! Together we can make a different and Be the change the world is eagerly waiting for





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