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Hearing From God

jeremiah 33_3

In all the hustle and bustle of 2018 new year goals, I decided 2 things for my life this year

  • Intentionally stay healthy by exercising and keeping fit with the food choices I make
  • Intentionally study the Word of God and hear from Him more

When I made these new year goals, I was in Cairns on a holiday with my family. I knew in my heart that I had not written a blog in a while but honestly I just did not get anything to write. In the midst of me having a break from the church Sunday school duties, holiday with family and time off from work, I had lost that connection to His gentle whispers and my secret place with God. I just felt too busy resting my usual busy self. It was not a dryness I was experiencing but I was just fading away into my life with my other priorities . I did not realise that until I had an encounter with God in my dream

I love it when God speaks to me in the language I understand and relate to. 2 days back I went to bed asking God to speak to me in my dreams. I kept a notebook ready near my bed and told God ‘I want to be your spokesperson and I am ready for the download ‘. Then went to bed in anticipation. Funny enough, God spoke to me in technical terms and pictures, so apt for a IT technical person like me. I was very impressed with my Jesus, I should say, as always

In my dream I saw a software being downloaded and the picture said ‘download’


Pic Courtesy : Google

The moment I hit ‘download’ I got a ‘popup blocker ‘window providing me with options to choose

popup blocker

Pic Courtesy : Google

If you are an IT person, you would know how annoying ‘pop-up ‘blockers are when browsing the web. Whilst this feature is provided to give users more control on their web experience and protect them from malicious activity on the webpage, it automatically blocks useful scripts / programs that automatically launch from a website as it is turned ON by default. In order to get a better browsing experience, one should understand how the pop-up blocker works and enable / allow programs to run on the webpage as prompted.

I was reminded by God that to really ‘hear’ from Him I need to be aware of the pop-up blockers that float around in my life.

Be aware of your life’s Pop-up blockers that could distract your time with God

If you look at every single aspect of life, they could be looked at as a pop-up blocker. Our jobs, our families, our friends, our dreams, our goals and our priorities. God created all of that for us, so we could live our lives to the fullest. We also need to be aware that if not handled properly, these pop up blockers keep prompting for attention and distract us every time we need some quiet time with God. God blessed us with so many aspects of life so that we can live that abundant life He promised us, but that abundant life comes when Jesus is a part of all those aspects of life. When Jesus is out of the picture, that life becomes a playground for satan’s malicious activities

So my dear friends, may I encourage you today, where and whichever stage in life you are with Jesus , doesn’t matter.

God has a fresh download JUST FOR YOU, waiting to be downloaded ONLY BY YOU.

It’s great to get a Word from prophet or a friend that prays for you but 2018 God is personally inviting you to hear from Him. Have a health check for your ‘ pop-up’ blocker and prepare yourself to meet with God in His secret place

His Word for you this 2018

 Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3

Dear God,

As we look to You with anticipation this year, as we enter your quiet place, please help us to hear from you. Give us the wisdom, patience and discernment to deal with the numerous pop-up blockers in our lives and get rid of things that hinder Your presence in our lives. More of You and less of us this year Lord

In Jesus Name



Stay Blessed in Him !



From His Heart To Yours exists to help people find their true identity and authority in Christ, to step out in courage and boldness , to reach for the stars in His Kingdom , deeply rooted in His Word and Fellowship

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