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When Things Fall Apart ..

This week has been a pretty rough week at my end. Unexpected health scare, unsupportive work scenario in addition to dealing with past hurts that get triggered without notice.. Sometimes you feel your close friends don’t get you which brings in frustration. You are torn between being nice or just be selfish for this one time around. Choices are imperative here but you just don’t want to make any

In moments like this, I run to Jesus with all my mess. I just give it to Him as He is the only one that can take it, deal with it, heal my heart and give me strength to go on .

Today I want to encourage you that His love for you is bigger than the mess you made , deeper than your presumed darkness and He never ever fails on you. He created you, wired you from birth and knows your inmost thoughts even before you know it. He did that for me and keeps doing it for me over and over again. He is waiting to do it for you too..

Today is an invitation from Him to overcome the temptation of staying alone when things get messed up. Run to Jesus with your mess, He doesn’t overlook you because of your faults, He doesn’t judge you for your mistakes , He is just there waiting for you to come to Him for a conversation. Pour your heart out to Him just like I did and may He surround your heart with peace that surpasses all logical understanding and reasoning

Psalm 143:8-10



From His Heart To Yours exists to help people find their true identity and authority in Christ, to step out in courage and boldness , to reach for the stars in His Kingdom , deeply rooted in His Word and Fellowship

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